We’re Leaving for Camp!

We will meet at Reagan High School on Sunday morning at 10:30 to leave for Camp Raven Knob! Do not meet at Mt Tabor UMC!

Things to remember for Sunday:

  • Wear Full Class A with your neckerchief.
  • Bring a bag lunch and drink to eat on the way.
  • Bring medications in original bottles to the Med Check-in Station.
  • If you are bringing a lock for your luggage, bring the extra key or combination to give to our leaders.
  • Bring some spending money for the trading post. Suggested amount: $20-40, you can bring more money on Wednesday. Everything your Scout needs will be provided to them; spending money is optional.
  • Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!
  • Do not bring snacks or candy! We don’t want animals in our cabins!
  • Our packing list is on the website.
  • Please sign up to bring food for Wednesday night ! A separate post will be coming soon.
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