Court of Honor and Lock-in!

Our end-of-year banquet is this Friday, December 13! We will begin the evening with dinner at 6:30. This is a covered dish/potluck meal, so we need everyone’s help in bringing food! Please click here to sign up to bring dishes. We are expecting around 80 people. Thanks for your help in advance!

Towards the end of the meal, we will begin our Court of Honor. Scouts need to wear full Class A with merit badge and neckerchief (if you have one).This Court of Honor will be fairly short. Following the ceremony, we will take down all the tables and chairs and cleanup. At this time, families may leave, and our lock-in will begin! Please sign your Scout up to stay for the lock-in in the Scout room this Thursday. Please use the following guide to ‘pack’ for Friday night!

pillow, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, blanket(opt) toiletries, clothes to change out of Class A, any board/card games you wish to bring, flashlight/headlamp, water bottle

Parents must pickup Scouts at 7am on Saturday morning!

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