Klondike Derby Information

 2019 Klondike Details

6710 Vance Road, Kernersville, NC 27284

Depart Friday, 17thJanuary, no later than 5:30 pm from Mt. Tabor UMC   Please arrive before 
5.30 pm.  Wear your Class A.

Return Sunday, 19th, January 10:00 am at CHIC-FIL-A!  That’s right, the one on Peacehaven.  We can’t arrive back at the church before noon, so we are meeting at the CHIC-FIL-A!!  (because that Monday is a holiday we need to be able to hang the tents or they will get moldy, we will assign tents for people to take home to dry)

A Klondike Derby is Winter Camporee where Scouts pull the sleds loaded with gear around from one Patrol challenge to another Patrol. Why are we doing this? It’s a fun way to practice the Patrol Method and Scout Skills. Think of it as a field test for all of the Scout Skills they have learned. The skills they need to complete the challenges are found in your Scout Handbook. There are lots of awards for the Patrols and every participant will receive a patch. The Grand Prize is a traveling trophy to take home to Troop meeting place and display for the year. 

Cooking will be by patrol, except for Saturday lunch.  All food will be provided by the patrols for patrol meals, make sure you communicate with your patrol leader!  

Bag Dinner for Friday night.    Packing list (Car camping list, but bags will have to be carried, so pack semi-light) on Troop 964 website.  Bring warm sleeping bags, or liners, it’s going to be cold. 
Do not forget your mess kit (plastic cup, large plastic bowl/plate, and plastic/metal knife/fork/spoon) and YOUR RAIN JACKET.  The current forecast 43/34 and cloudy;  80% chance of rain. It will be cold and wet.  Pack accordingly.  RAINCOAT & Hat, Sunglasses, Sunblock  It can just as easily be raining as sunny – bring your raincoat (yes, we said it 3 times).   

Required ‐ Pack extra clothes (including an extra jacket, hat and shoes) that you do not mind getting wet, bring a garbage bag to separate you wet clothes from your dry clothes in your pack.   

Do Not Bring 

  • Lots of Valuable Electronics (radios, iPhones, external speakers) that can be lost/stolen/broken. 
  • Excessive amounts of gear, you will have to carry gear from the bus to the campsite.
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